Taizhou: implementing common technology breakthrough around key industries such as pump industry

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2018-05-23
                  In recent visits and research activities conducted by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the problem of technological innovation and development of enterprises has become the focus of ...

                    In the recent survey and research activities carried out by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the problem of technological innovation and development of enterprises has become the focus of attention of the researchers. This year, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has formulated the "ten major technical breakthrough project implementation plan", which is widely collecting related projects.

                  The main task of making "the ten major breakthrough project implementation plan" is to attack and master a group of key key technologies. In the course of cultivating and strengthening the high-tech enterprises and backbone enterprises, we should cultivate and condense a group of high level scientific and technological teams, build up major scientific bases and platforms, and build up the supporting and leading industries. The innovation complex of continuous development. In the field of common technology breakthrough, according to the development of Taizhou industry, it is mainly traditional industry, which includes the key industries such as intelligent toilet, mould, pump industry and so on.

                  In the implementation of the project, the key technology research is to create a platform of key innovation, key industries and high-tech enterprises. In the selection of the project, we mainly focus on the degree of integration and relevance, and strive to achieve significant achievements in key common technologies, major product development and major project implementation, so that the R & D ability of the related industries in Taizhou has reached the leading level in China.

                  According to the plan, the implementation cycle of major science and technology projects is 2 years, and it is divided into three stages, namely, solicitation, promotion and promotion. At present, the collection of the project is in progress. To determine the project, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will carry out tracking service, give priority to support, and concentrate on the advantages of innovative resources to push forward the breakthrough of the project.

                  In the aspect of factor support, the plan clearly requires the comprehensive use of rewards and subsidies, and focuses on supporting the key key technology of industry and common technology, upgrading of innovation ability, cultivation and introduction of key link of industrial chain, demonstration application project and industrial project construction, including the entry into the ten major common technology breakthrough projects. The selected project is given a one-time grant of 100 thousand yuan; the actual turnover of the enterprise to undertake the achievement conversion technology contract is not less than 1 million yuan (according to the amount of the bank payment), which is confirmed to be subsidized by 5% of the actual turnover, with a maximum of 1 million yuan per year; the scientific and technological innovation platform, the technology transfer center and the scientific and technological intermediary agency in our city are carried out. The technology transfer service is subsidized by 5% of the total actual transaction volume in the city, which is the highest of 500 thousand yuan per year.