More and more trapped in the pinduoduo crisis valve enterprises should not step into the minefield

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2018-08-04
                  In July 26th, more than 3 years was set up for more than 3 years, and 2 trading days rose by 30%. It became the seventh largest...

                  In July 26th, more than 3 years was set up for more than 3 years, and 2 trading days rose by 30%. It became the seventh largest Internet Co in China, second only to the three giants and millet, Jingdong, NetEase, and the market value equal to half of the Internet Co.

                  So, how much is it? According to the introduction, at present, under the circumstances of the electric business giant, it is hard to find a space in the blind area of the traditional electric business and WeChat, and only 34 months to create a "active user 295 million, one year transaction 198 billion 700 million yuan, the first quarter revenue growth 37 times" flat platform, set up the new territory of the e-commerce platform.

                  But in just a few days, it's not good to have too many spells. "IHisonse", "millet e home" "SKYWORTH TV", "SVMSUNG music enjoy" and other famous brands such as Hisense, millet, SKYWORTH, Samsung and other famous brands, has now received a complaint from SKYWORTH, the stock price has fallen 30%, the State Administration of market supervision has asked relevant departments to carry out investigation and inspection.

                  Shanzhai products mainly refer to a kind of products that exist in the market by means of replication, imitation, reference to well-known brands to the market. Because the price of the original product includes the input from the raw materials to the process, from the brand packaging to the marketing, the price of the Shanzhai products is relatively lower.

                  At the same time, many Shanzhai enterprises have changed the registered trademarks to be close to the famous brand because they registered the similar logo with the famous brand figures in the registration or when the suspected infringers use their trademarks for production. When consumers purchase, they are often difficult to distinguish because of carelessness and make them muddle through.

                  The popularity of Shanzhai products will not only seriously damage the rights and interests of consumers, but in the appearance of product problems, after sale will become a difficult problem, and will also make the whole industry face the crisis of trust, which is not conducive to the development of the whole industry.

                  As an important part of the manufacturing industry, the valve industry plays an irreplaceable role in the process of industrial production, manufacturing and testing, and the quality of the product is not so careless. Whether it is for the valve manufacturing, or for the valve needs of enterprises, this issue is also worthy of attention.

                  For valve manufacturing enterprises, only by concentrating on producing better products and attaching importance to the construction of their own brands, can they truly achieve the rapid development of enterprises. And for valve demand enterprises, when purchasing valves, we should also pay great attention to the trademark of products, to minimize the risk of purchasing counterfeit products.

                  At present, there are two kinds of copycat infringing products on the market. One is the use of well-known brand trademarks, infringement of trademark rights; the other is the use of their own trademarks, but imitated the appearance of others, infringement of patent rights.

                  As a special phenomenon, Shanzhai is not always long, but for consumers, it is necessary to polish their eyes. At the same time, valve manufacturing enterprises should also realize that only by continuously improving their own brand building, focusing on product quality, can they really develop for a long time.