The third standing council (extended) meeting of the seventh session of valve branch of China general machinery industry association was held in hangzhou

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2019-04-04
                  On the afternoon of March 27, 2019, the third executive director (extended) meeting of valve branch of China general machinery industry association was held in hangzhou.Huang...

                  On the afternoon of March 27, 2019, the third executive director (extended) meeting of valve branch of China general machinery industry association was held in hangzhou.Zhongtong association orioles long, zhongtong, vice-chairman of branch of director of epic and valve, zhongtong, vice-chairman of full-time and valves branch, deputy director of Zhang Zonglie, zhongtong association, vice President and valves branch, deputy director of new Britain, Ding Qi, jian-xin wu peng, valves branch, deputy director of Ye Ji xuan, Liu Bin, Wang Jianke, Wang Hanzhou, Chen Qingliu, Chen Jinfa, Huang Zilong, Huang Mingya, Chen Jinpu, green Max, Han Zhenghai, Yao Tong to attend the meeting, the meeting by zhongtong association deputy secretary-general, valves branch vice President and secretary general Song Yinli presided over, more than 70 key enterprises of more than 80 leaders attended the meeting.

                  At the first meeting, chairman legend made a summary of the work of valve branch in 2018 and a report on the work plan in 2019. He pointed out: "in 2018, valve branch has successfully completed various work plans, and its achievements have been unanimously affirmed by leaders and members.Branch in 2019, the valve will not forget to beginner's mind, continue to study the implementation of the national policy, to carry out a series of association of activities, such as preparing the 10th China international (Shanghai) fluid machinery exhibition expo and valve, the valve and actuator nuclear power knowledge training, technical training, to develop and promote community standards, the organization carries out the international exchange activities, organize international valve BBS, etc., to promote greater progress in the industry."

                  "By 2020, the valve branch plans to complete 12,000 square meters of exhibition area, accounting for one third of the total area of the whole fluid exhibition," said zhang zonglei, full-time vice chairman, who made the mobilization report for the 10th China (Shanghai) fluid machinery exhibition and valve expo in 2020.In order to complete the task of the exhibition and further expand the influence and visibility of the exhibition, the valve branch will carry out the publicity and exhibition work in a planned way, and we hope that the backbone enterprises can participate together and make the exhibition bigger and better.

                  Song Yinli secretary-general to the delegates on the list of corporate seven members fails to perform the obligations after delegates to review a vote, fulong valve group co., LTD., Bernard control equipment (Beijing) co., LTD., tianjin pond high valve manufacturing co., LTD., wuxi good work precision valve co., LTD., baoding wuxi valve industry co., LTD., jiangsu ideal valve co., LTD., zhejiang China valve co., LTD. Seven companies such as cancellation of membership.Subsequently, some key enterprise leaders Shared their experiences and opinions on the theme of supply-side reform of innovative development.Peng xinying, vice chairman of the board of directors, introduced the experience of China nuclear technology in scientific and technological innovation.Wu junwei, chairman of antway, introduced the experience of intelligent manufacturing of antway.As a private enterprise, with the help of the latest Internet technology, antway has created a brand new operation mode of manufacturing enterprises which is different from the traditional operation mode. By making full use of the Internet technology, antway has realized rapid development and greatly inspired the participants.Yang mandong, chairman of dalian xingjian spare parts operation, also introduced various services that xingjian, as an industrial service platform, can provide to manufacturing enterprises, which enabled the delegates to have an understanding of intelligent manufacturing from another perspective.Valve branch vice President ding qi, wu jianxin, lu bin, wang hanzhou, ma yushan, yao tong and other leaders respectively combined with the characteristics of the enterprise to exchange views on intelligent manufacturing and transformation and upgrading.




                   Orioles, after listened to each enterprise leadership communication, make concluding remarks, she said: "valve is different from other industrial products, small enterprise scale, industry concentration degree is low, also need to various enterprises in the process of localization of advance to cooperate, the achievements of the past is the association and the common effort of the backbone enterprises, in today's complex and changeable international situation, the localization of the task is still arduous, need of each enterprise and ready to cooperate with, to promote research and development work.Valve products a wide variety of enterprises scattered, I hope to make good use of the association this platform, to provide you with the opportunity to exchange depth, to promote the development of the industry, I hope the valve branch can do more practical things for enterprises.At the same time, we also hope that the enterprises can strengthen the communication with the association, so that the association timely grasp the enterprise dynamics, understand the needs of the industry, give full play to the role of wu zhong instrument chairman ma yushan's NPC deputy, in more occasions for the valve industry voice.Hope that enterprises and associations can be closely linked to make common contributions to the progress of the industry!"

                   Finally, President huang li and President yu chuanqi presented the prize of "excellent exhibits of the 9th China international (Shanghai) valve expo in 2018". The leaders of the enterprises who won the prize received gold and silver MEDALS and took photos on behalf of the enterprises.The conference was a complete success.