The 2019 academic annual conference of China instrumentation society was grandly held in Beijing

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2019-04-16
                  "Patrimony of arteries and veins, power jack", on March 29-30, 2019 Chinese instruments to learn academic annual meeting was held in Beijing friendship hotel,
                  this annual meeting topic...

                  "Patrimony of arteries and veins, power jack", on March 29-30, 2019 Chinese instruments to learn academic annual meeting was held in Beijing friendship hotel, this annual meeting topic: quantization and the era of intelligent instrument and measurement, instrumentation, measurement control and with the intersection of more than 600 in the field of academia and industry representatives to attend the meeting.



                  The conference by the instrument society of China, the state council degree committee of instrument science and technology discipline appraisal group teaching steering committee, the ministry of education of institutions of higher learning instrument engineering, tsinghua university, tianjin university, Harbin industrial university, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university of information science and technology, chongqing university, hangzhou university of electronic science and technology, zhejiang university, state key laboratory of precision measurement technology and instruments, state key laboratory of industrial control technology, industrial automation instrument research institute Shanghai co., LTD., zhejiang central control technology co., LTD.

                  In his welcoming speech, academician you zheng stressed that facing the future, the need for intelligent application scenarios, the quantization transformation of measurement and sensing, the basic research direction of instrumentation discipline, technological innovation and industrial path are all worthy of in-depth discussion.The goal of the annual conference is to expand the boundaries of disciplines and build an open, inclusive, interconnected and harmonious exchange platform.

                  In 2018, the 26th international congress of metrology adopted a resolution on the revision of the international system of units, which will promote new measurement principles, methods and instruments in the future.

                  Honorary President of the instrument society of China, the Chinese academy of engineering, China metrology institute researcher tian-chu li in the keynote report "international constant basic unit and China's response to study", this paper introduces the si length unit meter (m), time (s) of the quantization unit seconds - constant evolution of concept, China metrology institute of research, for example to explain their retrieval methods and development trend.

                  Intelligent micro-system technology is a strategic technology leading the future -- an important part of intelligent manufacturing, which will push human society into the era of intelligence.Academician you zheng, President of the Chinese society of instrumentation and vice President of tsinghua university, delivered a keynote report on "intelligent manufacturing and intelligent Microsystems".

                  Professor li xiangyang, executive dean of the school of computer science and technology of university of science and technology of China, delivered the keynote report "Internet of things in the wave of artificial intelligence: intelligence, passive, and preliminary exploration of security issues", introducing its latest research and findings in passive perception and passive wireless network based on RFID, as well as the security challenges of the Internet of things.

                  In his report "Smart Condition Monitoring and Instrumentation through Advanced Sensing and Digital Signal Processing", professor yan yong from the university of Kent, UK, introduced a series of intelligent application methods of industrial Monitoring status using general sensors, Digital Signal Processing and related image Processing technologies.

                  All kinds of highly sensitive sensors and actuators with high performance and high precision play a very important role in intelligent manufacturing, and the performance of sensors and actuators mainly depends on the performance and optimization design of functional materials.Professor wenwu cao of Pennsylvania state university introduced the latest research progress of piezoelectric materials and the improvement of sensor and displacement actuator performance.

                  There are 11 sub-bbs in the conference, including space exploration and instrument, chemical measurement and instrument, Marine meteorological detection, life health and medical instrument, precision instrument and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent perception technology, electronic measurement instrument and technology, automatic detection and control technology, industrial safety technology, young scholars and education BBS.

                  The annual meeting coincided with the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese society of instrumentation.All the delegates celebrated the birthday of instrument family.Professor yu ruqin, member of the Chinese academy of sciences, initiator of the scholarship of the Chinese society of instrumentation, professor zhou zhaoying, tsinghua university, reviewed the past and expressed his best wishes on behalf of the participants.

                  Otherwise the Chinese academy of engineering, tsinghua university professor jin guo-fan, Chinese academy of engineering, tianjin university professor sheng-hua ye, the Chinese academy of engineering, Beijing institute of technology professor during, academician of Chinese academy of sciences, dalian university of technology professor li-ding wang, member of Chinese academy of engineering, China's environmental monitoring station fu-sheng wei, member of Chinese academy of sciences, the development of the national academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences ecological environmental research center, professor jiang, the Chinese academy of engineering, southeast university professor guang-jun zhang, the Chinese academy of engineering professor jiu-bin tan, Harbin industrial university,Academicians and experts such as academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and professor fang jiancheng of Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics attended the academic annual meeting and commemorative activities.