Seawater desalination industry development drives valve market

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2019-08-24
                  Due to the great development potential and market prospect of seawater desalination projects, the demand for valves in the seawater desalination industry is indeed growing, although it...

                  Due to the great development potential and market prospect of seawater desalination projects, the demand for valves in the seawater desalination industry is indeed growing, although it only accounts for a fraction of the total sales volume of industrial valves.Especially for the corrosion resistant fluid control equipment manufacturers, is a major business opportunity.Water scarcity and population growth are the main reasons for this situation, so the markets involved are concentrated in the Middle East.Of course, desalination is a global industry, used by more than 160 countries to produce domestic and industrial water.So many related enterprises have entered the desalination and water treatment industry.

                  During the 13th five-year plan period, China's seawater desalination industry will develop in the direction of scale and integration, and gradually become an important strategic emerging industry.China will promote the development of seawater desalination industry from four aspects.First, to increase the support for the operation of seawater desalination plant, reduce the operation cost;Second, establish and improve the standard system of seawater desalination, cultivate leading enterprises, and form the industrial scale;The third is to implement the island desalination project to meet the basic living and working needs of the island;Fourth, promote the development of seawater desalination industry fund to lay a foundation for desalination equipment to "go global".

                  With the growth of world population and the rapid development of economy and society, the global water crisis continues to intensify. Seawater desalination plays an increasingly important role in solving the problem of global water shortage.In the future, seawater desalination will become the "rigid demand", and the seawater desalination industry will also enter the "new normal" of rapid development.Such a large market, the valve industry will bring unlimited business opportunities;The valve equipment industry will have a huge market share in seawater.Global warming and climate change have increased the frequency and extent of droughts, which are no longer confined to arid areas, but spread to a larger area.In many countries, water security has become a political issue, and desalination is often the only viable solution.More than two billion people live in countries with severe water shortages, according to the United Nations.Moreover, areas where nearly half the world's population lives are at risk of water shortages for at least one month a year.And by 2050, it could exceed five billion.About 73 percent of all those affected live in Asia.The water supply crisis in the Middle East and north Africa (MENA) is more serious.No wonder, then, that the Middle East and north Africa (MENA) is a relatively big market for desalination.About 61 per cent of the world's installed municipal capacity is in service and 75 per cent is under construction.

                  According to the characteristics of seawater desalination in China and abroad the development trend of advanced technology and equipment, desalination of seawater desalination technology research and development in China water treatment equipment, valve, key and the engineering application research and demonstration, giving full play to the advantages of various aspects, in the concrete technology research and development, the design of key components and equipment manufacturing, technology route and scheme selection, engineering construction and management and engineering application operation, overall planning, actively carry out demonstration pilot work, explore with the actual water desalination industry development mode in our country.

                  By country, Saudi Arabia is the big market, followed by the united Arab emirates and the United States.And in these three countries, the seawater desalination market is developing fast, which provides considerable opportunities for valve sales and after-sales market.Spain, Kuwait, Algeria, Israel, Qatar and Australia are also big markets.Oman, Egypt, China, Morocco, Singapore, Iraq, India, Kenya and Tunisia are all expected to have significant new capacity in operation by 2022.

                  For the seawater desalination equipment manufacturing market, China has basically had the seawater desalination equipment processing and manufacturing capacity, quality assurance system can also meet the requirements, in the international market has a strong price competitiveness.

                  Jebel Ali m-station is the largest power generation and desalination plant in the uae, and the fourth largest desalination plant in the world, with a desalination capacity of 636,440 cubic meters per day.The Jebel Ali power generation and desalination complex is located on the outskirts of dubai, and m-station is in the complex, along with several other large desalination plants with a combined capacity of about 1.72 million cubic meters per day.

                  All desalination plants use multi-stage flash (MSF) technology and are operated and managed by dubai water and electricity authority (DEWA).Dubai's water and power authority needs to provide drinking water for the sprawling city and more than three million residents.At the beginning of this year, another new seawater desalination project broke ground in Jebel Ali power generation and seawater desalination complex.The designed capacity of the project is 181,840 cubic meters per day, which is expected to be put into operation in May 2020.The adoption of reverse osmosis membrane (RO) technology is consistent with the trend of adopting membrane desalination technology in the industry.