New 'smart actuators' for GF piping systems allow' networking 'of valves

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2019-09-12
                  In industrial systems, monitoring, control and maintenance of valves is a difficult task because actuators or valves are not directly available and are often difficult to obtain.
                  In industrial systems, monitoring, controlling, and maintaining valves is a difficult task because actuators or valves are not directly available and are often difficult to obtain.With the help of the newly developed valve "intelligent actuator", GF pipeline system can make the valve "connected" and continuously apply the various possibilities provided by digitization, allowing customers to easily identify the valve position, control maintenance status, online search operation instructions and so on.

                  In large systems, it is difficult to find instructions for system components, such as valves.At the same time, identifying existing equipment or installing newly delivered products to the correct location can be time-consuming and error-prone.It is often difficult for users to accurately understand the current operating state of the equipment and carry out maintenance operations during the system operation.Useful information is scarce and hard to come by, making system maintenance very difficult, especially in cases of technical turnover.

                  'the new' smart actuator 'valve for the GF pipeline system can be fully monitored and controlled via an App on a smartphone or tablet.'Sandra Schiller, product manager for GF pipeline systems.The new intelligent actuator has obvious advantages: even in the state of power failure, the actuator can still carry out information transmission through NFC and mobile App;Upon initial startup, the App displays the existing valve and its previously assigned name;Provide intuitive user guide, no need for operation instructions;Wireless connections enable data to be read, such as work cycles and current configuration files;App can also directly display the view fault;With no direct interference with the process control system (PCS), the control signal can be conveniently set in the later period or covered in the short term;During installation, the App facilitates system debugging and timely integration into planned piping and instrumentation flowcharts (P& ID). Thanks to standardized mechanical interfaces, the actuator can be installed on any standard valve.

                  Valve "smart actuators" offer a variety of advantages:

                  Iso-5211 interface for flexible upgrade

                  The intelligent actuator is ISO-5211 compliant and can be used on all standard valves without replacement during system optimization.

                  360° LED indicator, more intuitive control

                  The full range 360° LED indicator can display the final position of the actuator from any Angle.

                  Wireless control

                  The App provides direct access to all key data, as well as control and system diagnosis via a smartphone.You can decide whether or not to override the master and for how long.

                  Flexible planning, convenient pre-configuration, fast debugging

                  Because of wireless access, actuator installation is more flexible;Initial configuration can be realized in the state of power failure;The name in the P&ID can be assigned to any actuator through NFC;Signal testing and optical feedback make debugging easier.

                  Convenient data processing, more control

                  Finally, you can always control what's going on inside the actuator -- all the Settings can be intuitively adjusted, stored, and exported through the App.This helps increase the transparency of the data while better planning for maintenance.

                  "Intelligent actuators are the first step in building a new generation of digital devices that make the planning, installation, control and detection of systems easier and clearer."Adrian Schwyzer, global water treatment manager for GF piping systems, said the product will be gradually introduced to the global market starting in 2019.