Founding conference of valve college of kaifeng university

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2019-10-09
                  On September 28, the founding meeting of valve college of kaifeng university was held.Liu haichao, vice-chairman of the kaifeng CPPCC and chairman of the league committee attended the opening ceremony....

                  On September 28, the first college of valve industry in China -- valve college of kaifeng university held a grand founding ceremony in kaifeng university.Liu haichao, vice chairman of kaifeng CPPCC, song yinli, secretary general of valve branch of China general machinery industry association attended the activities and unveiled the brand for the college.Valve industry association secretary-general ChengGenLin in jiangsu province, zhejiang pump valve industry association secretary-general wen-rong Chen, ChangSunXiaoXia valve industry association secretary of sichuan province and xiamen valve association guo-liang zhu, plumbing valve chamber of commerce in shanxi Wang Funing association leadership from all over the country, such as valve, valve, head of corporate leadership and the other universities, etc. To attend the meeting.

                  First of all, the kaifeng university President zhi-min song, China valve association secretary-general Song Yinli, Beijing to chi heng education technology co., LTD., chairman of China xu, kaifeng government deputy secretary-general liu and other leaders spoke, think deeper cooperation between colleges will speed up the establishment and development of professional valve, effectively solve the difficult problem of employment, boost enterprise transformation and upgrading.

                  Then, liu haichao, vice-chairman of the kaifeng CPPCC, and song yinli, secretary-general of China valve association jointly unveiled the valve college of kaifeng university.

                  The establishment of valve college of kaifeng university is a secondary college jointly constructed by kaifeng university and valve enterprises for the cultivation of valve talents, belonging to the series of higher vocational education.Is the school enterprise depth cooperation, the integration of industry and education jointly built, in line with the idea of gradual progress, the future may be built into a mixed ownership valve college, gradually explore from the mechanism and system, expand the influence, to achieve leapfrog.

                  The school of valves in kaifeng university is the first school-enterprise cooperation in the valve industry in China, and it will play an important role in the training of talents in the valve industry in China.Undertaking for the domestic valve industry to train excellent professional personnel important responsibility.In order to train high-quality, high-skill, high-precision talents for the purpose of the development of the valve industry for the whole country, the province more professional talents.

                  In may this year, the valve vocational education alliance was established in kaifeng, which made the cooperation between schools and enterprises closer, built the teaching resource database of valve courses, and formed a virtuous circle of vocational education for talents training in the direction of valve.

                  It is reported that kaifeng university is currently one of the few universities in China with the professional direction of valves.For decades, the school has trained a large number of valve industry technical talents (especially technical and production talents), management talents and even entrepreneurs.The students cultivated by kaida are practical and adapt to work quickly, which are welcomed by the enterprises in the industry.The school has a valve maintenance workshop, has a valve laboratory, there are more senior, from the valve leading enterprise professional technical staff as teachers, also has a number of engaged in valve teaching and research of external teachers and part-time professors.Over the years, the school and zhejiang chaoda group jointly build valve order class, the effect is good.Rich experience in school- enterprise cooperation, in the valve professional talent training has obvious advantages, well-known throughout the country.

                  At present, vocational education is in the historical stage of great development, the state is very supportive, the establishment of valve college, will serve the valve industry, for the industry to train a large number of valve skills talents.Through academic education, long-term and short-term study, special technical training, professional qualification certificate, technical services to achieve the goal of the school.

                  China's valve manufacturing industry has developed into the world's largest and fastest progress valve manufacturing industry.With 300 billion yuan of annual production scale, employees 300000 people, the annual output of more than 300 one hundred million yuan of valve products, product quality level and supporting capacity increase year by year, get the attention of one of the world's major users, valve need more professional talents to support the industry development, the revitalization of training talents for the valve industry, contribute strength for the construction of the new era of development in our country.