China general machinery industry association led the participation, BBS and inspection activities have been a complete success

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2019-11-09
                  The 18th Russia international exhibition of pump valves, compressors, actuators and engines (PCV exhibition for short) held in Moscow, Russia.

                  In late October 2019, China general machinery industry association organized some key enterprises in valve industry to participate in the 18th Russia international exhibition of pump valves, compressors, actuators and engines (PCV exhibition for short) held in Moscow, Russia.The entrants by China general machinery industry association deputy secretary-general, valves branch vice President and secretary general Song Yinli solver, with more than 30 enterprises and industries backbone enterprises, head reach the PCV show field, together with Russia's association of valve, the valve user valves enterprises, research institutes and Russia carried out technical exchanges and business talks.Participation, BBS and inspection series of activities achieved a complete success.

                  The products exhibited include gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, double-break valves, control valves and valve actuators, as well as wind-solar complementary dc intelligent measurement and control equipment.Nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical, natural gas pipeline and water system valve production of some key enterprises and typical representative enterprises exhibited new technology and new products, representing the advanced level of China's valve industry, highlighting the technical strength of China's valve industry.

                  On 22nd, the PCV exhibition officially opened.All Chinese participants and members of the investigation delegation were invited to attend the opening ceremony, which was presided over by the sponsor, Russian MVK exhibition company. Secretary-general song yinli was invited to deliver the opening speech on behalf of China general machinery industry association.

                  Song, secretary general of the first introduced the China general machinery industry association, this paper introduces the development situation of China's valve industry expressed the China general machinery industry association is willing to build the bridge pump valve industry cooperation and exchange between the two countries and further deepening and development of the pump valve industry exchange, the two countries finally, especially introduces the zhongtong association will be held in June 2020 in Shanghai China international fluid machinery exhibition in 2020, we sincerely invite Russia pump valve valve manufacturers association and Russia enterprises exhibitors.

                  On the morning of 23rd, the delegation was invited to attend the valve BBS sponsored by the Russian valve manufacturers association.

                  Secretary general song introduced the status quo of China's valve industry and the technical problems that still need to be solved. At the same time, he also introduced the market situation of China's valve, especially in the petrochemical and natural gas fields.We welcome Russian pump and valve enterprises and research institutes to carry out technical cooperation with Chinese pump and valve enterprises to jointly develop new products and open up new markets.

                  On 24th, Chinese valve delegation visited Russian valve manufacturer HNO PERYNRTOP in yaroslavl, Russia.HNO PERYNRTOP valve company is a newly built valve enterprise in 2012, which mainly produces safety valve and regulating valve.The factory has 220 employees, 50 of whom are engaged in research and development. There are two doctors and a deputy doctor. The product research and development capability is very strong.Mainly serve the petrochemical industry.The company's product supporting capacity is very strong, regulating valve locator and pneumatic actuator can be matched in the factory, also can be sold abroad.Production of spring safety valve, also production of pilot safety valve.The factory can produce ultra-low temperature valves and has a lot of supply achievements in LNG installations.The factory area is not big, the hardware condition is also general, but the production management and the manufacture craft are advanced, the management is strict.

                  On 25th, Chinese valve manufacturing delegation visited cm-cebepmaw valve company in yaroslavl, Russia.The enterprise put into production in 1999, mainly producing gate valves, globe valves and ball valves for petrochemical, thermal and nuclear power, with an annual output of 50,000 valves, the product quality level is high.The products are used in oil refineries, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants in Russia, and exported to China, Iran, belarus and other countries.Cm-cebepmaw valve factory of small scale of the company has better economic benefits.The company has built a new factory and is ready to expand production further.

                  Mr. Ivan, secretary general of Russian valve association attaches great importance to the visit of Chinese valve industry delegation. He has been offering help during the exhibition and accompanied us to visit two valve manufacturers.

                  The us to visit two valves are belong to the younger valve enterprise, set up time is not long, but the two young valve enterprise attaches great importance to the research and development, attaches great importance to product quality, the production of the enterprise management and manufacturing process requirement is very strict, make the product precision is high, the product is reliable, this is our Chinese enterprises should learn.

                  Russia has a policy of localizing manufacturing.In 2014, Russia strongly launched the localization manufacturing policy and restricted the import through taxes. If foreign products want to be sold in Russia, they can establish joint ventures and sign special investment agreements.At the same time, due to historical reasons, Russia's national industrial standards are self-contained, domestic enterprises to enter the Russian market to obtain GOST standard certification.In Russia, the penetration rate of English is still relatively low. In terms of material preparation and translation talents, Russian should be added to facilitate fast and effective communication and exchange.Of course, if Chinese enterprises want to enter the Russian market, it is unrealistic to just attend exhibitions and rely on low prices. They need to make efforts.

                  Although the trip to Russia was short and much of the time was spent on the road, the time spent in each factory was only half a day.