Jiangsu Valve Association and Jiangsu special valve engineering research center symposium held in Yancheng City

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2017-08-03
                  In July 21st, Jiangsu Province Association and special valve engineering technology research center symposium held in Yancheng City Jiangsu valve aloft hotel. Leaders and experts from China Valve Association and Jiangsu ...

                  In July 21st, Jiangsu Province Association and special valve engineering technology research center symposium held in Yancheng City Jiangsu valve aloft hotel. Leaders and experts from China Valve Association and Jiangsu Valve Association, Sinopec, Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute, and Jiangsu Valve Association member companies and Jiangsu valve business leaders, chief engineer, chief technology, the representatives of more than 160 people attended the meeting.

                  Although in the summer heat, although in Yancheng, everybody with a desire for valve technology, in order to improve the technical level of the industry, the business leaders and representatives have braved the heat, from all sides came to the participants, participants enthusiasm. Listen to the experts and the chief engineer, and academic leaders made a special lecture. The 10 lecture content, quality is high, the representative of the Jiangsu valve industry, high technology level, the meeting focused on "the new valve structure, new materials, new technology application" as the theme, and valve product end-user application technology exchange; and how to adapt to the spring warming trend in the valve industry recently, do a good job the valve products at home and abroad marketing, improve the academic level of the valve, in-depth discussion and exchange time. There are 11 experts and academic leaders, technical engineers and other technical exchange meeting, during the meeting coincided with the summer heat, the conference is jointly held in Jiangsu Province valve industry association, Jiangsu Province special valve engineering technology research center, China valve association Zhang Zong column full-time Deputy Director-General, Jiangsu Valve Association chairman Peng Xinying Jiangsu valve Association, valve technology expert committee and director of nuclear science and technology chief Wu Hui and Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province valve standard technical committee Pump Association attended the meeting.


                    The picture shows the corner of the Symposium

                  The meeting chaired by the chief engineer Wu Hui, first China Valve Association vice chairman Zhang Zong listed full-time made a short speech, he focuses on the analysis of the valve and how to adapt to the development trend of the domestic valve industry, the recent warming trend in early spring, valve products at home and abroad to do marketing, improve the valve industry efficiency, accelerate the development of Jiangsu, hope the valve industry in leading valve industry, valve to improve product quality, to play a greater role, especially in the domestic high-end valves contribute more!


                  The picture shows the chairman of the academic symposium, and Wu Hui presides over the meeting


                  The picture shows the vice president of the China Valve Association


                  Then, in more than 3 hours of academic seminar, there have been Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co. Ltd. Li Wei Speaker: "analysis" of Petrochemical Valve Application and case; Guangdong Provincial Electric Power Design Director Bruce Lee Speaker: "Introduction" power valve localization; nuclear technology industry leader Limited by Share Ltd Sufa technology Zhou Yu Speaker: "high row and extraction check valve design and research; Suzhou Neway valve Limited by Share Ltd Development Department Xi Weiyong Speaker:" fluid analysis technology in the valve products on the application of CFD fluid analysis "; Jiangsu Shentong valve Limited by Share Ltd technical center director Dr. Chen Lin Speaker:" online diagnosis technique "valve failure; technology center of Yangzhou electric power equipment repair factory Co. Ltd. Wang Zhaolei Speaker:" explore "technology and development trend of electric actuator; Jiangsu St. Thailand Valve Co. Ltd. Badaling chief speaker "valve industry new challenges";


                  The graph shows the main leaders to communicate with each other


                  The picture shows Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Co., Ltd., Li Wei is speaking


                  The figure for Guangdong Province Electric Power Design Bruce Lee introduced in the "localization" speaker power station valve

                  After the interval, follow. Sufa technology industry Limited by Share Ltd technology leader Wang Lanqun Speaker: "the study on the process to improve the machining quality of the sealing surface of valve body; Changzhou power station auxiliary Technology Factory Co. Ltd. Deng Tao Speaker:" valve electric device with the condition of three-phase asynchronous motor can analysis "; Jiangsu WangHeng Ltd Technology Center Engineer Geng Yao Speaker:" high pounds mute type check valve body casting process design ", the academic exchanges in spite of all time control in 20 minutes, but their contents are deep in place around the industry, cutting-edge technology, speech is rich in content, although only half a day, but from first to last listen to 10 experts and valve technology leaders, benefit not shallow, with some help and inspiration to lead the progress of the industry, but also to ensure the success of the conference .


                  Figure for the Sufa technology industry Limited by Share Ltd technology leader Zhou Yu in the speaker


                  The picture shows the Suzhou Neway valve Limited by Share Ltd Development Department Xi Weiyong in the

                  Before the end of the academic conference, President Gu Deming, an American Chinese American tiger valve company, spoke on the experience of opening up the international valve market and introduced his overseas entrepreneurial process. We also hope to get help and cooperation in Jiangsu so as to further improve overseas business.


                  Pictured American tiger Valve Co., Ltd. Chinese American chairman Gu Deming in the floor

                  During the symposium, in Suzhou Yun Bo Culture Communication Co., under the technical support on-site global network broadcast, online audience of more than 4000 people, expanding the impact of communication, which is an important measure of Jiangsu Valve Association international communication success, try new Internet communication effect.

                  Finally, Jiangsu Valve Association chairman Peng Xinying concluding remarks, he said: "this year, Jiangsu valve industry, we generally feel that the business is more busy, showing the valve industry rebound rebound phenomenon, our association also made visits, found that visited the production and marketing enterprises are busy, some of the first half to take full year orders, some overtime point of delivery."


                  The picture shows the president of the Jiangsu Valve Association, Peng Xinying

                  Peng said: "this year we are grateful to the busy business, but high production costs, raw material prices, the cost increase, environmental pressure increases, the cost of castings, the resulting benefit is reduced, obviously feel that the efficiency is not high. Therefore, we need to be aware of this new problem, good coordination, ensure the sales and production of two correct, both to ensure timely delivery, but also to reduce the production cost, so we improve the valve industry development level, enhance the development of strength, we take the valve industry road!"

                  Peng said: "we must adhere to the technological innovation of this theme, only to enhance product strength, enhance product quality, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the market, we do the valve products are low-end, high-end product pricing is not too much, not in their own hands, to compete with the foreigners in the product can not be. The international market is low, despite the more busy, but the income is not high, how to solve this problem we have to, this is a big problem to be improved seriously. We should continue to do a good job of technological innovation, product innovation, and truly make their products stronger, do a good job, leading in the peer!"

                  Chairman Peng Xinying on the quality of the product, he said: "we want to improve the quality of products, quality is the first life, although the price of our products is not high, but we must adhere to the quality, constantly enhance the level of quality, because our safety valve is used in the fluid field, can not have the slightest careless and neglect, must operate according to quality system, strictly control the quality of products, especially to keep our good reputation of the supremacy of the quality of Jiangsu. Jiangsu national brand to maintain a good reputation and reputation, in quality, but also work hard, in quality must be perfect, and strive to improve the internal quality of valve products, focusing on improving product quality."

                  Peng said: "again, we Jiangsu valve industry do not engage in price competition, price competition in our industry cause infinite harm to people, the price is quite transparent, some almost unprofitable. In this issue we the same industry to adhere to its low line, can not reduce the valve product quality, or cut corners in the product bidding not to bid price competition, with their own hard power and reasonable price."

                  Peng finally said: "to increase research investment, pay attention to increase investment in science and technology innovation, the development of high-end intelligent valve new products, to achieve the transformation and upgrading; new product development must be combined with the market demand, understand the product use conditions, key valve products domestically focused on the development of several major areas, frontier Jiangsu valve level and strength so that we always walk in the same industry. At the same time, I hope that similar academic seminars and summit forums will be held regularly."

                  During the meeting, Zhang Zonglie, Peng Xinying, Wu Hui and other industry leaders and experts together with the user visited the valve business of Jiangsu Shengtai Valve Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Saint valve industry Jiangsu yandain Valve Co. Ltd. Yancheng three, the three major OEM products, not only to engage in good site management, and product quality fine, on behalf of Jiangsu valve high level.

                  The meeting by the Jiangsu Shengtai Valve Company Limited, at the end of your hard work, the conference was a complete success!