An environmental breakthrough of standard parts distribution center"

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2017-08-03
                  China's Ministry of environmental protection from April onwards, Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas to carry out a year of air pollution control and strengthen supervision, "scattered sewage" industrial ...
                  China's Ministry of environmental protection from April onwards, Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas to carry out a year of air pollution control and strengthen supervision, "scattered sewage" industrial cluster has become the most prominent problem of supervision.

                  Reporters came to the Yongnian District of Hebei Province, Handan City, visited this area as the well-known standard parts production and sales center, is resolutely and difficult "environmental breakthrough".

                  "Standard parts include nuts, bolts, expansion bolts and so on." Yongnian Standard Parts Association Secretary General Dong Maotong said, there are currently Yongnian standard parts processing and production enterprises more than 11000, a total of 340 thousand people engaged in the production of standard parts sales, more than accounted for 45% of the market share, for local economic development and make an important contribution to the masses.

                  At the same time, the production scale of this industry is small, environmental protection procedures are incomplete and environmental protection equipment is not in place. The problem of "scattered waste" gradually highlights, especially the production of standard parts involves serious pollution such as pickling, electroplating, oil pollution and other fields. In this year's environmental protection department to strengthen supervision, the industry has been included in the focus of monitoring.

                  Some enterprises official said, Yongnian standard parts industry due to the transformation and upgrading of follow-up problems, in recent years has far behind Zhejiang and other places "sophisticated" standard parts industry. Although the standard parts of Yongnian are medium and low, there is always a market. In the past, the district proposed several times to integrate the industry, and all of them failed to do so." Dong Maotong says.

                  But now, the upgrading of this industry has become a "can not hide," but around the hom".

                  After the Ministry of environmental protection supervision, Yongnian district Party committee, district government on the standard parts industry "surgery."". From the beginning of the end of May, in the area of standard parts enterprises to suspend production for rectification. A number of acid related coal, residential areas and remediation hopeless enterprises have been banned. At the same time, qualified enterprises will be standardized reform, and integration, the new production Park, the majority of enterprises to achieve the park production, unified pollution control.


                  Yongnian standard parts industry development committee director Zhao Pinghai said that the district to enter the park enterprise equipment, processes, environmental protection, product grade threshold, in which environmental conditions have been set as the red line of enterprise production.

                  The effect of environmental governance is immediate. Monitoring data show that, compared with the previous year in May, Yongnian pollution index in June decreased significantly. Among them, PM2.5 decreased by 12% and CO decreased by more than 60%.

                  According to statistics Yongnian Standard Parts Industry Development Zone, with a view of the oil smoke pollution, the environmental protection treatment can reduce the VOC emissions per ton of product is about 0.35 kilograms, according to district standard annual output of 2 million 890 thousand tons of calculation, to reduce annual emissions of more than 1000 tons of VOC.

                  Zhao Yongliang began operating a standard parts factory from parents, the end of May this year after the shutdown, he go through the land, the EIA and other formalities, and spent nearly 300 thousand on two sets of fume purification equipment, has entered the trial production stage.

                  "At first it was against the environmental storm, and now I'm very supportive." Zhao Yongliang said, "in the past, the factory was dirty and messy, and the floor of the workshop was greasy.". Now after treatment, think grades improved, before allowing foreign customers to feel shy plant, can now openly take over."


                  Industrial transformation can not help "labor pains"". According to statistics, compared with May, Yongnian June standard parts of the general taxpayer declared sales revenue decreased by about 130000000 yuan, tax reduction of 11 million 790 thousand yuan.

                  However, the positive effect of environmental governance on industrial development is taking shape.

                  Reporters from the Yongnian standard parts industry development management committee learned that the industry to improve regulation, use a number of low-grade raw materials, poor product quality of small workshops were shut down or banned, all kinds of product quality qualified rate increased from 79% to 90% in the past, product prices to rise.

                  Bolt prices have risen by an average of 200 to 300 yuan. Who first through environmental audits, who first started, who will seize the initiative, not only more money, but also to grab more customers." Zhao Yongliang says.

                  Small industries and large groups are the common characteristics of "scattered dirty" industrial clusters. In this regard, Yongnian also proposed the establishment of standard parts industry incubation base, and guide the small towns scattered around the township to "trusteeship" approach settled, unified procedures for environmental protection, centralized treatment of pollutants.

                  "Our park will be able to undertake more than 200 small enterprises in the future." Jungshin standard park staff Zhang Jing said, this can not only solve the employment problem of small enterprises to survive, the masses, and in the past many small businesses do not pay taxes, now the group unified tax, is also good for local development.