11 expedition companies beat the world's largest American plug valve manufacturers, has become a "dark horse" in the high-end valve market"

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2017-08-14
                  The day before, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group developed six 11 high-end valve continuous production in Sinopec, CNOOC and local refinery market pipeline project, in order to better ...

                  Chinese six 11 Aerospace Science and Technology Group developed high-end valve continuous production in Sinopec, CNOOC and local refinery market pipeline project, in order to better quality, lower price, shorter manufacturing cycle, more efficient customer service service, beat the United States the world's largest manufacturer of plug valves, broke the monopoly in China's oil pipeline market, become the high-end valve market a dark horse ".

                  It is reported that because of its structural complexity and high technical content, the plug valve has been monopolized by foreign brands for 20 years in the construction of the finished product pipeline in china.

                  Since 2008 11, the expedition began to study the localization of its development, through the use of unique "V" type sewage diversion structure, high strength composite material friction parts and other 6 patents, the use of vacuum curing, special anti-corrosion and other advanced technology, formed with independent intellectual property rights as the core technology, reached the international advanced the level of realization of the domestic high-end valves in china.

                  Compared with similar imported products, the valve in the quality is better than similar foreign products at the same time, the price is far lower than the foreign products, the manufacturing cycle is only half of the foreign products, to the customer service service is full advantage of 48 hours, greatly reduces the user maintenance costs, which have become competitive in winning the "magic weapon".

                  The 11 cock valve development experience gained and technological achievements, can not only promote the valve similar natural gas, crude oil pipeline on the localization, but also for the improvement of China's pipeline and petrochemical industry valve research technology has played a positive role in promoting.

                  The success of the product, reduce the oil pipeline equipment dependence on foreign products, is expected in the future market competition and gradually replace the inlet valve, and constantly improve the market share, to ensure the country's energy supply security.

                  (according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Sixth Research Institute, WeChat, Nan Cheng, Liu Junli / Wen Ping / Editor)