China has successfully mastered the core construction technology of liquefied natural gas and entered the first echelon of international LNG construction

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2017-08-18
                  Finally, the core module of the world's largest liquefied natural gas project -- the Yamal project, today (August 16th) in Qingdao the port of shipment shipment, which means that China successfully grasp the liquefied natural gas core ...

                  Finally, the core module of the world's largest liquefied natural gas project -- the Yamal project, today (August 16th) in Qingdao the port of shipment shipment, which means that China successfully grasp the liquefied natural gas core construction technology, to enter the international liquefied natural gas to build the first echelon.

                  With more than ten stories tall and more than 10000 tons of compressor modules shipped to the north pole, China's first 36 contract, total weight of 180 thousand tons of liquefied natural gas core modules were completed.

                  The project is currently the largest Yamal Russia economic cooperation projects, but also the world's first polar exploration and development of natural gas, liquefaction, transportation, sales integration project. The project is located in the Arctic Circle, with a minimum temperature of minus 52 degrees celsius. In order to shorten the construction period and save the construction cost, most of the buildings are built in a modular way.

                  Chinese CNOOC engineering company president Jin Xiaojian: as a module, is to use plant to manufacture factory, the factory made thousands of tons of modules, to carry out the final assembly, the group of requirements are very high, this is a global challenge.

                  China CNOOC assume the entire project in the "heart" of the module, the total price of more than 10 billion, and the amount of these types of large module internal components, the precision is high, the construction technology is complex, far more than the industry of similar projects. The laying of the pipeline is more than 200 thousand meters long, equivalent to the length of the six ring in Beijing, laying 3 million 300 thousand meters cable, you can connect from Beijing to the Arctic Circle; completed documents 7 million pages, you can fill two garage.

                  The Yamal project design annual production capacity of 28 billion cubic meters of natural gas and condensate oil 1 million tons. After the project has been completed and put into operation, at least 4 million tons of LNG will be sold to the Chinese market every year.

                  Breaking foreign technological monopoly achievements China made wisdom

                  Cold is the biggest difficulty, the Yamal project need to face in this regard, Chinese enterprises break the monopoly of foreign technology, and the construction of a series of technical problems breakthrough.

                  The Yamal project is located in extremely cold areas, all the key equipment and pipelines have to wear special clothing, foam glass insulation. Foam glass cutting is particularly important in engineering. As soon as problems with foam glass occur, the entire project will have disastrous consequences. And this special material cutting technology by Singapore and a few foreign companies long-term monopoly.

                  The Yamal Project Manager Chen Baojie: Construction of the foam glass reached more than 30 thousand cubic meters. If we do not master this technology, and then shipped to the new home slope cutting, and then shipped back, the construction schedule can not guarantee.

                  Set up foam glass cutting machine research group, independent research and development of cutting technology, after five months of continuous experiments, the world's first foam glass semi-automatic cutting equipment was successfully born. Compared to manual cutting, the efficiency has been increased by 3 times, without saying that the cutting loss of materials will be reduced from 50% to 28%. Only this one, the cost savings of about 40000000 yuan.

                  The Yamal Project Manager Chen Baojie: can we ensure the construction progress and quality, and after breaking their monopoly, for our future construction of similar projects, laid the foundation.

                  Cryogenic insulation materials cutting technology, independent research and development, welding technology breakthrough, painting process to break the international monopoly...... A technical breakthrough, to build the Yamal project to be successful, the Chinese CNOOC engineering to realize the project contractor, from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing development from a single product, China from among the international liquefied natural gas module construction "the first echelon".