Valve manufacturers continue to update valve technology, extending the performance of valve products, providing more service capabilities

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2017-09-08
                  Although the valve products involved in oil and gas development and delivery of a hundred years not what change basically, but the valve manufacturers valve technology has been continually updated, actively respond ...

                  Although the valve products involved in oil and gas development and delivery of a hundred years not what change basically, but the valve manufacturers valve technology has been continually updated, actively respond to changes in the oil and gas industry market. If you want to stay ahead of the market or not fall, the valve manufacturer will constantly update the valve design, manufacture, service, sale of technology and process. The fact is that oil companies more and more demand valve manufacturers: on the basis of a reasonable price, advanced valve manufacturer must be good at solving problems faced by oil companies, in the work environment even worse, more stringent environmental requirements of the situation, extension of the valve product performance, provide more service capacity.

                  (1) metal seal in the world market rapid growth in demand for oil and natural gas exploitation, oil footprint also travels to every corner of the earth, the extraction of crude oil made new demands on the equipment. For example, ultra deep well technology presents the challenge of ultra low temperature and ultra high pressure to equipment. Extraction of ultra heavy crude is an optional item of profit, especially when crude oil reaches $30 a barrel. Nowadays, high concentration asphaltene and other impurities make it difficult to transport and process crude oil. Usually oil pipeline ball valve with soft seal is unable to meet the requirements of the condition, which requires the development of metal sealing ball valve manufacturers, and can adapt to the change of temperature and pressure, even in the transportation of solid media (hydroxide and coke) is also guaranteed to be completely sealed. The metal sealing technology benefits from the development of surface coating technology. Valve manufacturers hope to use this technology to maintain the market's leading position, and spray technology included in the development strategy, they and the Institute, university cooperation, hope to develop the next generation "superhard" coating.

                  (2) anti explosion decompression, 2002, the American Petroleum Institute standard API 6D provides: design pressure higher than ASME, Class 600 valve products must be designed to prevent explosion decompression". Explosive decompression refers to the rapid decline in pressure inside the valve, due to the role of osmotic pressure in the sealed CO in 2 due to the rapid expansion of lower pressure, burst seal skin and fracture resulting in the valve closing process, leading to valve failure phenomenon. An oil company on the Deepwater Platform for the first time found that the valve explosion decompression phenomenon, the valve failed, the company had to stop working for several weeks to replace the valve, resulting in heavy losses. Since then, the oil companies require valve manufacturers to provide high-pressure valves must be equipped with anti explosion decompression configuration. Soon, the valve manufacturers to respond quickly, developed anti explosion decompression, sealing and anti explosion decompression valve, in order to cope with harsh environmental requirements.

                  (3) the corrosion of sour crude oil and the high crude oil price make the Oil Refinery Co pay attention to the sour crude oil. The investment and development of sour crude oil market is very profitable, and there is also a competitive advantage in the long-term supply contract. However, sulfur containing crude oil contains H, 2, S and other corrosive media, which presents a new challenge to the corrosion resistance of the equipment. The valve manufacturer can license the material to provide ISO15156 requirements, but also provides test (according to ISO15156 requirements) data to show that the corrosion resistance of the valve material and long life, the end user Bianba these valves include corrosion resistant valves manufacturer supplier list.

                  (4) the fugitive emissions ISO15848 provides for the design of the valve fugitive emissions requirements, the manufacturer redesigned the general valve and special valve packing, sealing arrangement to meet the updated standards. But the new standards are too general and too strict, so many oil companies have developed their own emission standards, such as the many North American companies that refer to the API 622 standard. Valve fugitive emissions need to further improve the standard valve manufacturers, users, standard setters three party cooperation, learn from each other and jointly solve the three party.

                  (5) in order to pursue economic benefits ahead of time, wear and equipment fatigue, many refining enterprises are overloaded operation. As a result, equipment and retrofit systems have been endlessly extended. Expectations of business equipment far beyond the original intention of the design, which requires the valve manufacturer for user's active participation in various tasks, to avoid unreasonable production process design of adverse effects on the reliability, life and safety valve. For example, valves used in thermal circulation systems are likely to cause thermal fatigue of parts, and valve manufacturers with experience in industrial processes will arrange valves properly to minimize the likelihood of problems occurring.

                  (6) preventive maintenance of petroleum enterprises, in order to ensure production, arrange equipment maintenance cycle. With the development of valve test system, electronic hardware and software, the preventive maintenance of valve has been changed from an intelligent concept into a reality. A small number of valve manufacturers who are well versed in automation control provide data analysis systems to quantify valve operation and provide preventive maintenance time.

                  (7) automation of refining process is a general trend, and the intermediate control technology has been developed for quite a long time. Valve manufacturer installs automatic actuator on valve to achieve automatic control of production. The technology of automatic actuator has been greatly developed. On the other hand, manufacturers of production execution agencies also provide users with valve products with actuators. Then, the valve actuator and the trend of integration of a challenge to a single producer, after all, users want to find a company to solve problems more easily, avoiding the phenomenon of wrangling.

                  (8) pipeline, ball valve, natural gas transportation pipeline project is a huge and promising market for valves. Monitoring of long distance pipeline is very important. Some companies have developed intelligent devices that allow users to detect pipelines. For example, "smart pig" technology. This robot can detect the thickness of the pipe wall and even the corrosion point. However, the detection device has the requirements of the path of the pipeline, so the ball valve has become the preferred product of long distance pipeline company. On the other hand, long distance pipeline requires the wall thickness of the valve as thin as possible, and the valve material has a high yield toughness and corrosion resistance, so as to meet the requirements of pipeline expansion, steering and regional environmental changes. The most important point is that the long-distance pipeline managers require the purchase of valve life must be longer than the pipeline itself life.