The global economy is still in a period of overall slowdown, and the trend of the pump and valve industry

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2018-01-16
                  In 2018, many industries felt the industrial 4, the pace of intelligent manufacturing accelerated. The pressures that entrepreneurs feel are also increasing. Intelligent and innovation...

                  In 2018, many industries felt the industrial 4, the pace of intelligent manufacturing accelerated. The pressures that entrepreneurs feel are also increasing. Intelligent and innovation, The Belt and Road, differentiation, new growth point, is not only the hot words in daily life, is the enterprise must overcome all difficulties, to carry out the reality. In addition to these, what can we learn from the views shared by the guests?

                  The simpler, more integrated innovation solution is the future direction
                  As a traditional industry, the pump and valve industry is facing many transformation problems as well as many other manufacturing industries in China. It must be constantly innovating and docking with the progress of the times. In our view, the ultimate goal of innovation is to meet the needs of the customer. Innovation that can't meet the needs of customers can't be called innovation.

                  In the past two years, China's manufacturing industry has achieved many gratifying achievements under the background of global industrial 4. The rise and practice of the concept of IOT has brought more challenges to the concept of intellectualization. We can see that many Chinese pump and valve enterprises have already done the innovation to meet customer needs, and found the pain point of customers' needs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the whole company.

                  We think that, only through the intelligent pump itself, the realization of intelligent docking, can be able to work easily under the Internet of things. At present, Dai Bo has made a lot of attempts and breakthroughs in intelligent docking, and some products begin to use human-computer dialogue and remote communication.

                  The simpler, more integrated innovative solutions will be the direction of future development, just like a digital camera. Our ESYBOX products also follow this principle. While the simple visualization operation window meets the needs of customers, the fashionable appearance design of Italy brings users a visually beautiful effect.

                  This year is the second year of the "2016-2020 five year market strategy" of the Dai Bo pump (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. At the beginning of the year, the company's "green six - one" marketing strategy is all in an orderly way. Among them, the progress made by "building a green sales network" is most commendable. Under the efforts of all the sales market personnel and the support of various departments of the company, the distributors have been widely recognized. Timely product training and use guidance, more closely the cooperation between us and dealers, and let the market have a more in-depth understanding of the DAB brand. At present, DAB brand has basically covered the main economic circle in China, and laid a solid foundation for the company to realize the five year strategy and long-term healthy development.

                  With the concept of green mountains and rivers in China deeply, and in the next few years continue to promote and consolidate, and environmental protection related areas will have more opportunities for us to a mining and contribute their efforts.

                  In addition, as the construction of the central city continues to develop, the "sponge city" also needs more attention from the pump and valve colleagues. It is a great benefit for the manufacturing industry, including the whole pump and valve industry, to serve as a solid service policy, which is advocated by the government. But at the same time, the blacksmith needs its own hardware, enterprises need to continue efforts to become the tide of beach goers.

                  Each characteristic can be unique
                  In 2017, the overall technological innovation of China's pump and valve industry was affected by the market, still in a period of stagnation. Most of them were on the technological transformation of the market to warm up, and there was no breakthroughs in the upgrading of products. From the current market situation, it is inferred that the emphasis of technological innovation will still be the research and development of product raw materials, environmental protection and energy saving products. As the price of steel increases, the cost of product needs to be studied.

                  At present, no matter which industry, is gradually docking "intelligent". "Intelligentization" will be integrated into all aspects of social production and life, which is a historical trend. "Wisdom" will bring a breakthrough leap Zenit Product Engineer Wang Junquan unique can be unique in "intelligent" product development for the pump industry, Danai pumps park to walk in the forefront of the times.

                  With our neighbors, park venture, Dalian hermetic pump Co., Ltd. as an example: the company through technological innovation, took the lead in the pumps industry launched a new generation of shield pump, magnetic pump intelligent variable frequency energy saving control system, and obtained the national patent.

                  This new system of Dalian hermetic pump developed to reduce energy consumption, to achieve intelligent and long cycle equipment safe operation of equipment. The main use of intelligent frequency conversion speed control, reduce energy consumption, usually energy saving to 25~40%. The remote intelligent online monitoring and diagnosis system (IMO system) to vibration and various technological parameters during the operation of all kinds of pumps in the on-line continuous monitoring, automatic storage, phase vibration frequency and waveform diagnostic data, and provide a variety of professional diagnostic and report to customer. All the data through the network remote access haimitike Industrial Intelligent Cloud Service Center, provide the basis for decision analysis and diagnostic equipment management personnel, to facilitate the timely identification of the operation status of the unit, found early signs of failure, failure to make accurate judgments on the authenticity, fault, fault type, severity, development trend, so as to eliminate potential safety hazardearlier to avoid accidents, improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance cost, cost and energy savings for customers.
                  It can be seen that along with the progress of the times, intelligent products will be popularized for convenience, efficiency and energy saving, bringing convenience to enterprises and life. I think the Chinese government initiated the "The Belt and Road" conforms to the trend of the times, adapt to the laws of economic development, is of great significance to solve the problem of development, boosting global economic growth. We pump enterprises in 2018 especially should seize the historical opportunity in the new starting point on the momentum, flow, and go in, leveraging each other and open a new journey of cooperation.

                  With the development of global economic integration, the demand for product quality will be further improved by the market. On the stage of the global economy, the competitiveness of the products will face greater challenges. Each characteristic can be unique. Whoever withstands the challenge will grasp the pulse of the market and go farther.

                  At present, the global economy is still in the period of overall slowdown. The big pump industry is also exploring various aspects, including seeking for breakthroughs in research and development of high value-added products. Besides, in order to better cooperate with each other, we also elect thousands of partners to enter new fields.

                  In 2017, the Da Tong pump industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Austria KRAL company to seek a new economic growth point for the company.

                  KRAL is a professional leader in the field of screw pump products and high precision flowmeters with more than 60 years of history. The reason why the big pump industry has chosen to cooperate with KRAL is not only because of its advantages in technology, but also for its "quality, innovation, rapid response" business philosophy and good reputation in the world. This coincides with the core values that we advocate "honesty and integrity, innovation and far". The common concept can win a win-win situation, and the signing of the bilateral strategic cooperation agreement is the beginning of a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.