The use of blockchain technology in the detection scenario was successfully held

                  Column:Industry trends Time:2018-04-07
                  Blockchain technology is one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the current information technology industry and has attracted great attention from all walks of life.
                           Blockchain technology is one of the most cutting-edge technologies in the current information technology industry and has attracted great attention from all walks of life. China has included blockchain technology as a strategic frontier technology in the National Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Informatization, stating clearly that “we must strengthen the basic R&D and frontier layout of new technologies such as blockchain, and build a new starting arena for new venues. For the inspection industry, blockchain technology may change the existing landscape through the application of logistics supply chains and information links.
                    On March 27, 2018, the application of blockchain technology under test scenes jointly initiated by the Chinese Association for Inspection and Quarantine and the China Inspection, Inspection and Innovation Consortium was successfully held in Beijing. Several experts from the industry gathered to discuss the topic. How blockchain technology is used in the development and exploration of the inspection and inspection industry, how to help the product to achieve "true" and "quality" in the market.
                    The meeting first talked about the importance of cryptographic technology in the blockchain technology center. The development of blockchain technology is inseparable from the development of cryptographic technology. Only innovative security theories, security methods and security technologies can promote the advancement of blockchain technology.
                    Second, it talks about the application of blockchain technology to food traceability systems. Director of Bureau Veritas International Jiangwei demonstrated the application of blockchain technology in the field of inspection and testing of foods, and pointed out that blockchain technology can ensure higher authenticity; alcohol developed by Shanghai Weilian Information Technology Co., Ltd. Tracking service platform system design unique identification code, open and anonymous, full process traceability, anti-counterfeiting identification, consensus authorization mechanism, etc., provide quality assurance for the high quality development of the liquor industry.
                    Next, the meeting mentioned the application of blockchain technology in the financial industry. Wang Yingfeng, a technology expert at Matrix Element Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., shared "blockchain driven commercial infrastructure innovation" in the financial sector. In order to make blockchain technology meet regulatory, industry, and user needs in domestic applications, the matrix element is in "individual privacy" vs "centralized supervision", "transactional privacy" vs "registration confirmation", "data privacy" vs "data Set a different solution to these three types of "contradictions"!
                    Then, the meeting talked about the application space of blockchain technology in quality improvement. For this purpose, Li Wenbo, Product Director of the Inspur Group's Quality Chain Business Unit, a member of the China Inspection and Consortium, gave a wonderful speech on “Testing Application Services Based on Quality Chain Platform”. He detailed how to integrate blockchain and quality supervision technologies. The construction of China's quality chain technology platform will bring more possibilities for the future of China's quality development. In the past, China's physical manufacturing industry, "big" is the biggest feature, but companies and manufacturers, users do not trust product information and quality testing standards, so how to break the barriers between product information between users and manufacturers has become a break The key lies.
                    Finally, during the on-site discussion, experts used wine products as an example to discuss how to use blockchain technology to avoid the quality risks caused by the long circulation cycle in the circulation of wine products. The cross-border wine market has a long supply chain, involves many themes, and is difficult to supervise. How to use the blockchain technology to track the entire process of the product and ensure the “true” and “quality”.
                    This is also a problem that has been considered by U-Test Technologies. Joint Test Technology is a quality data platform instituted by the Chinese Association for Inspection and Quarantine under the guidance of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China. It is a quality data platform jointly established by world-renowned testing organizations based on strategic partnerships. It is a Chinese inspection and testing innovation consortium and a global agricultural product inspection and inspection alliance. The Secretariat and Business Operations Center.
                    Joint Test Technology proposes to use cross-border wine as a pilot, to jointly collaborate with government and government agencies, domestic and foreign industry associations, multinational testing organizations, and related suppliers, to jointly measure technology as the core of information, and to provide information supervision over the entire supply chain. Innovation creates a whole process quality assurance system. This will also radiate to other industries, promote the entire inspection and testing scene, the overall innovation in quality assurance work.