CORPORATE CULTURE

                  Enterprise vision & Mission: to be a responsible and respected business group
                          Following the tenet of "industry as the foundation, capital as the instrument, and culture as the soul", we will provide high-quality products and satisfactory services, and become responsible and respected enterprise groups.

                  Core values: integrity, professionalism, respect, innovation, and win-win
                  Honesty is more important than life.
                  Adhere to the spirit of the contract, customers, employees, partners and social good.
                  Keep promise to colleagues, clients, the company, he is resolute.

                  【Be dedicated】
                  Dedication is the foundation of a successful career.
                  Put your heart on your work, work hard, do one thing, love one thing, and do one thing at the same time.
                  Take responsibility in mind, dare to bear responsibility, active and responsible for work responsibilities and interests of the company.

                  Respect is the key to human resources.
                  Respect each other's profession, mutual trust, support and concerted efforts to make the industry bigger and stronger.
                  Mutual respect, mutual tolerance and personality, personality, harmony and happiness when family.

                  Innovation is the source of sustainable development.
                  The spirit of criticism, the courage to deny yourself, the courage to challenge authority, and the courage to break the routine.
                  Have the courage to break through, set higher standards and goals, and constantly seek new challenges.

                  Win win is the magic weapon of becoming bigger and stronger.
                  Take "win-win" as the starting point, share risks with partners, share benefits, and become bigger and stronger together.
                  Actively integrate into the enterprise, combine the personal value realization with the company development, and realize the joint growth of the company and the staff.