TALENT RECRUITMENT

                  Recruitment position:Valve regional marketing manager  

                  【Job description  
                  1, responsible for the group's company valve products sales, and company brand promotion; responsible for the blank market and major customer development and maintenance.

                  2, the development of new project customer relations, good return records, the customer encountered a variety of problems can be dealt with and resolved in a timely manner.

                  3. Provide timely follow-up of project information to the company and feedback progress. Regularly report effective project information and new project collection.

                  4, the company will regularly on the salesman product knowledge training, communication skills training, marketing skills training.

                  5, the company's products in the industry leader, looking forward to join the ambitious people, plans to develop plans. 

                  【Job requirements  
                  1, men and women are not restricted, under 40 years of age, high school education, responsible, good communication skills, team spirit.

                  2. With mechanical background, driver's license is preferred, valve work experience is preferred.

                  3, the company sales department according to individual actual ability and experience division grade. Junior trial to formal sales clerk Senior Sales Manager Regional manager. 

                  For further information, please contact 027-84805675 (personnel department)