Balance valve

                  Product model: KPF
                  Nominal diameter: DN15~600mm
                  Nominal pressure: PN1.0~2.5MPa
                  Applicable temperature: 0~100℃
                  Applicable medium: water
                  Main material: cast steel, carbon steel and so on


                  [Manufacturing standards]
                  Flange standard: GB/T 17241.6, GB/T 9113
                  Test standard: GB/T 13927, API 598

                  [Valve features]
                         KPF balance valve is a kind of special function of regulating valve, has good flow characteristics, to reasonably distribute the traffic flow quantity, can effectively solve the heating (air conditioning) system of room temperature in the presence of the uneven problem. As the opening instructions, opening and locking device for small valve pressure flow measurement with the valve, so as long as the appropriate specifications in each branch and the user entrance installed on the balance valve, and intelligent instrument with a one-time special debugging after the lockout, the total water control system in a reasonable range, so as to overcome "large flow, the unreasonable phenomenon of small temperature difference". This product is an ideal product in the heating system. The KPF balance valve can be installed in the water pipe, can also be installed in the return pipe, we recommend the general installed in the return pipe, especially for high temperature loop, convenient debugging, more to be installed in the return pipe, the installation of the balance valve for water (back) do not have to set the cut-off valve.

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         Water control valve is the pipe medium pressure as the driving force for opening and closing, regulating valve. It consists of a main valve and attached to the catheter and needle valve, ball valve and pressure gauge, etc. according to the purpose and function of the different places, can be turned into a remote control float valve, relief valve, relief valve closed, flow controller, pressure relief valves, hydraulic control valves, emergency shut down valve.

                  Hydraulic control valve action:
                  1, It can be used in domestic water supply, fire fighting system and industrial water supply system.
                  2, hydraulic control valve to use the pilot valve to control the opening and closing of the valve, saving energy.
                  3, can replace other valves, large electric device.
                  4, hydraulic control valve products are widely used in high-rise buildings, living areas and other water supply network systems and urban water supply projects.

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