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                  Pneumatic three-way control valve

                  Product model:ZMAX/ZMAQ
                  Body material: WCB, 304, 316, 316L
                  Spool material: 304, 316+STL\PTFE
                  Seat material: 304, 316+STL; PTFE
                  Connection: flange, thread, welding
                  Three way structure: three way diversion, three channel confluence
                  Valve cover type: standard type, low temperature type, heat dissipation type, bellows sealed type
                  Pneumatic actuator: multi spring film actuator, gas open, gas off type
                  Accessories: Electrical positioner, air filter, relief valve, hand wheel, retaining valve


                  [Essential information]       
                          Pneumatic diaphragm three way control valve is mainly used to separate an inlet fluid into two outlet fluids or to synthesize two outlet fluids into an outlet fluid. The three-way valve is divided into a combined regulating valve and a shunt regulating valve. Valve size, pressure difference, the confluence valve can also be used as diverter valve, but the valve size. Please don't use diverter valve on high pressure differential.

                  [Valve structure drawing]


                  Type: Three-way casting structure

                  Nominal diameter: DN20-DN200

                  Nominal pressure: ANSI150, 300, 600LB, JIS10, 16, 20, 30, 40K, PN1.6, 2.5, 4, 6.4MPa

                  Connection: flange: FF, RF, RJ and LG

                  Flange standards: ANSI, B16.5, JIS, B2201, JB/T79.1, PN1.6MPa, JB/T79.2 thread: DIN, NPT, RC, BSP, G and other welding: GB12224-89

                  Sealing surface form: PN16 convex, PN40 concave

                  Material: WCB, 304, 316, 316L

                  Upper valve cover: standard type (-20 ~ +200 DEG C), low temperature type (-60 to -196 DEG C), heat dissipation type (-40 ~ 450 DEG C)

                  [Bellows seal type]

                  Gland type: press plate type

                  Packing: V PVC, PTFE flexible graphite fluoride

                  [Valve assembly]

                  Spool form: single seat plunger type

                  Spool, valve seat: 304, 316+STL

                  Flow characteristics: equal percentage, linear, quick opening


                  [Actuating mechanism]

                  Form: multi spring film actuator

                  Action form: positive action and reaction

                  Diaphragm material: NBR rubber clip to strengthen polyester fabric

                  Spring range: 20 ~ 100KPa, 40 ~ 200KPa, 80 ~ 240KPa,

                  Air supply pressure: 0.14, 0.16, 0.28, 0.40MPa

                  [Action form]

                  Air operated FO (positive acting mechanism), when the air source fails, the vertical direction is connected

                  Air operated FC (reaction actuating mechanism), when the gas source fails, the horizontal direction is communicated


                  Accessories (configured as required)

                  Electrical positioner, air filter relief valve, hand wheel mechanism, limit switch, solenoid valve, retaining valve and other



                  Rating KV: refer to table

                  Flow characteristics: linear, equal percentage, quick opening

                  Adjustable range: 30:1

                  Leakage level: metal seal: less than 0.01 (ANSI, B16.104-1976IV)

                  Soft seal: less than 0.00001%

                  Backlash: less than full range 1% (with locator)

                  Less than full stroke 3%-5% (without locator)

                  Basic error: less than full range + 1% (with locator)

                  Less than full journey + 5% (without locator)

                  [Adaptive condition]

                        The pneumatic three - way control valve is composed of pneumatic film, multi spring actuating mechanism and three-way valve. With the new ZHA/B multi spring actuator instead of the old ZMA/B actuator, it has the advantages of low height, light weight and easy installation and maintenance. The valve structure of the three-way valve adopts a cylinder thin-wall window and adopts the side direction of the valve core. Used to adjust the proportional control or bypass, adjust the fluid temperature control system is especially suitable for the oil industry in the heat exchanger, a three-way valve can replace two single seat valve or valve seat use, occupy small space, save the installation of pipes and with customers.

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