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                  Pneumatic globe valve

                  Product model:J641H
                  Nominal diameter: DN50~300mm
                  Nominal pressure: PN1.6~4.0MPa
                  Applicable temperature: -30℃~800℃
                  Applicable medium: water, oil, steam
                  Main material: WCB, chrome molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel, 316 stainless steel, 304


                  [Essential information]

                         The pneumatic valve opening and closing parts are plug shaped valve, sealing surface flat or cone, fluid along the centerline of the valve for linear motion. Stem movement in the form of lifting rod (stem lifting, hand wheel not lifting), but also lifting, rotating rod type (hand wheel with the valve stem to rotate up and down, nut on the valve body). Valve is only applicable to fully open and fully closed, does not allow for adjustment and throttle.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardGB/T 12235
                  Connection standardBW:According to GB/T 12224    RF:According to JB79;GB/T 9113;HG20592
                  Pressure testGB/T 13927;JB/T 9092

                  [Valve features]

                  1, Exquisite selection of materials, in line with relevant standards at home and abroad, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.

                  2, The valve flap and the valve seat sealing surface by the iron-based alloy surfacing or Stellite (Stellite) surfacing cobalt based alloy, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good anti abrasion performance, long service life.

                  3, The valve stem has been quenched and tempered and treated by surface nitriding. It has good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

                  4, Can use a variety of piping flange standards and flange sealing surface type, to meet the needs of various engineering and user requirements.

                  5, The valve material variety is complete, packing and gaskets can be selected according to actual conditions or user requirements, suitable for a variety of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.

                  6, The inverted sealing screw connection, sealing seat or body austenitic stainless steel surfacing, sealing is reliable, change the filling can be in the case of no downtime, convenient and fast, does not affect the system operation.

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         Pneumatic valve actuator is important in industrial automation control system, remote centralized control can meet the needs of computer program; now widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, gas equipment, nuclear power equipment, water treatment, air conditioning, iron and steel metallurgy, industrial furnace, canned equipment, brewing equipment, drying equipment, vacuum equipment, surface treatment, bio pharmaceutical, food machinery, textile, papermaking and other industries, the preferred product is construction of national defense construction, science and technology.

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