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                  Knife gate valve

                  Product model: PZ573H/X/Y-6/10/16
                  Nominal diameter: DN50~1200 (mm)
                  Nominal pressure: 0.6-1.6MPa
                  Suitable temperature: rubber X≤100℃, seal H/Y≤400℃
                  Applicable medium: pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture
                  Body material: stainless steel, carbon steel, gray iron
                  Connection standards: ASME, B16.5, ASME, B16.47, GB/T 9113, JB/T 79, HG/T 20592


                  [Essential information]

                         Knife gate valve, also called knife gate valve, knife gate valve is suitable for pipeline with suspended particles and fibrous material pulp, sewage, coal slurry, slag cement mixture medium, by the blade shaped gate can cutting fiber material to cut off the medium. The body does not actually exist in the chamber, the gate side of the guide groove and the lifting lug bottom pressed on the seat, according to the drive into manual knife gate valve, pneumatic knife gate valve, electric knife type valve.

                        Knife type valve lightweight flexible operation, small volume, smooth channel, preventing small, light weight, easy installation, easy disassembly, nominal size of DN50~DN800, 0.6MPa~1.5MPa in normal working pressure, working temperature≤100℃. Knife gate valve, with its cutting function, can be scraped off the sealing surface of the adhesive, automatic removal of debris. Stainless steel gate prevents corrosion from leakage.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardAPI 600、API6D、ASME B16.34、GB/T 12234
                  Structural lengthASME B16.10、API6D、GB/T 12221
                  Connection standardASME B16.5、ASME B16.47、GB/T 9113、JB/T 79、HG/T 20592
                  Pressure testAPI 598、GB/T 13927、JB/T 9092
                  Pressure temperature ratingASME B16.34 、GB/T 12224

                  [Valve features]

                  1, ultra short structural length, saving material, can make the whole weight of pipeline system is greatly reduced.
                  2, the use of small space, can effectively support the strength of the pipeline, can reduce the possibility of pipe vibration.
                  3, the selection of austenitic stainless steel gate, corrosion resistance greatly improved, can effectively prevent the gate corrosion caused by the leakage of seal.
                  4, the sealing packing adopts flexible PTFE, reliable sealing, easy and flexible operation.
                  5, the gate with the knife, can effectively brake off all kinds of debris in the medium.
                  6, such as the use of hard sealing stainless steel, the valve to do spray welding treatment, it can be a good expansion of the valve temperature, pressure requirements.

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         Knife gate valves are widely used in industries such as chemicals, coal, food, sewage, paper making, steel, etc., and are ideal sealing valves.

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