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                  Wear resistant combination three piece pulp valve

                  Product model: BSKZ series
                  Nominal diameter: DN100~800 (mm)
                  Nominal pressure: 1.0-10.0MPa
                  Suitable temperature: ≤150℃
                  Applicable medium: pulp, slag, water
                  Body material: Q235/WCB/304/316
                  Connection standards: GB/T9112-9124, HG20592-20605, JB/T74-90


                  [Essential information]

                         The three type wear-resistant slurry valve overcomes the conventional flat gate valve only single transport medium (oil or water) shortcomings, has good tightness in the fully open and fully closed, is a kind of high technology, high quality, fluid resistance is small, simple structure, reliable operation of the new valve.

                        By the gate and the left valve sealing plate structure three piece, all wearing parts are concentrated around the seal plate, when the need to replace the parts, just opened around the valve plate, it is convenient to replace, solve the particle mud valve perforation, damaged parts after the problem of inconvenient disassembly.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardGB/T12234
                  Connection standardGB/T9112-9124、HG20592-20605、JB/T74-90
                  Structural lengthGB/T12221
                  Test and testGB/T13927、JB/T9092

                  [Valve features]

                  1, Reasonable structure, easy operation and long service life.
                  2, It has better wear resistance and pressure resistance.
                  3, remote control and hydraulic control can be realized.
                  4, vulnerable parts can be quickly changed. Easy assembly. The maintenance cost is low and the economic benefit is high.
                  5, avoid the "eating ring" phenomenon.
                  6, reliable sealing, easy adjustment of the sealing gap. No leaking phenomenon.
                  7, in the slurry delivery system, no deposition, sediment, long-term use does not affect the valve opening and closing. 

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         It is widely used in the slurry transportation of mines, power plants, metallurgy, chemical and other departments, especially in the medium and high pressure slurry pipeline. It is an ideal replacement valve on the slurry pipeline.

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