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                  Multifunctional rubber sleeve gate valve

                  Product model:BDYJD
                  Nominal diameter:DN50-600(mm)
                  Nominal pressure:PN6、PN10、PN16、PN25 Class150
                  Applicable temperature:-10℃~150℃
                  Body material:WCB、Stainless steel
                  Connection standard:GB/T 9113-2010


                  [Essential information]

                         Use rubber sleeve valve in the valve is based on the ordinary plate cutter, the slurry medium high abrasion and easy scouring characteristics of the valve body, the introduction of German technology, the rubber bushing used in Germany imported two replaceable wear-resistant liner paired do straight shaped flow passage is greatly reduced, the flow resistance, effectively prevent the slurry, eddy current cavitation irregular body cavity caused by damage to the body, especially to do with high velocity and high wear valve and concentrated slurry medium, and is also suitable for crystallization and precipitation conditions, widely used in mining, power generation, pulp, chemical, cement and other industries, can replace the pipe clamp valve, diaphragm valve, knife gate.

                  Spare partsValve bodyThe gateSealant sleeveThe stem
                  MaterialWCB、Stainless steel316、304、2Cr13、2205 Other stainless steelNatural rubber, EPDM and other rubber (can be customized according to customer requirements)304、316、2Cr13、2205

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardJB/T 8691-1998
                  Connection standardGB/T 9113-2010
                  Test and testGB/T 13927-2008

                  [Valve features]
                  1、flexible belt pre pressure two pairs of rubber sleeve, can realize the valve two-way zero leakage, closed, cut off the medium to the valve body erosion. When the valve is closed, the gate down, gate into the two rubber sealing lip, to achieve zero leakage of the valve; when the valve is opened, the gate line, two to restore the original elastic rubber sleeve, the sealing lip stick to each other, to form a seal, as the formation of a complete rubber tube, the medium flow through the valve and valve body cavity cut off, to prevent the media into the body cavity, so it can effectively prevent the valve open when the valve medium erosion, greatly improving the service life of the valve.
                  2、The small wedge angle on the edge of the gate makes the gate easy to insert into the slag. It is also easy to insert into the two rubber sleeve when it is closed.
                  3、rubber bushing to form a two-way all pass channel, greatly reducing the pressure drop and turbulence, and its water loss is equivalent to straight through the pipeline.
                  4、rubber lining material can be reasonably selected according to different conditions of wear and corrosion, such as natural rubber, three yuan B Bing rubber and fluororubber.
                  5、the valve cavity can lower dirt collected in the valve opening and closing process of solid particles leak, this product can not deposit in the lower part of the regular online open the valve cover to be discharged, conditions or by the lower end of two spare bypass on the cover pipe interface is connected with a tap water flushing bottom sediment.
                  6、long-term use, rubber bushing main seal will wear, change rubber bushing, the valve can continue to use, greatly improve the valve service life.
                  7、Wearing rubber bushing can be taken out of both sides of the valve without opening the valve. It is easy to change and maintain.
                  8 、 the valve structure is simple, small size, easy installation and disassembly, low failure rate.
                  9 、 installation without end flange gasket.

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         Suitable medium: coal, slag, food, papermaking, medicine, chemical industry pipeline used in mining power plant, medium cement slurry, powder, gold ore, slag, coal, pulp, wood pulp, tailings, fiber, dust, chemicals, sewage settling ponds, asphalt, etc. the outlet connect or disconnect the line the.

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