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                  Integral ball valve

                  Product model: Q41F
                  Nominal diameter: DN15~100mm
                  Pressure range: PN1.6~2.5MPa
                  Operating temperature: -29℃~+300℃
                  Main material: nodular cast iron, carbon steel, cast stainless steel
                  Applications: heat conducting oil, water, steam, gas, oil, nitric acid corrosive medium, acetic acid corrosive medium


                  [Essential information]

                          The valve of the ball, a sealing ring with a special processing technology and the new sealing material, the surface roughness and roundness to meet the standard requirements, so as to improve the ability of sealing performance and service life and high temperature. Move the handle clockwise drive plate stem drive the ball rotation, so that media pass.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Valve features]

                  1, fluid resistance is small.
                  2, simple structure, relatively small size, light weight, easy maintenance.
                  3, good sealing performance.
                  4, the direction of installation is not limited, the flow of media can be arbitrary.
                  5, no vibration, small noise.

                  [Adaptive condition]

                         The valve is an important executive mechanism of industrial automation control system, remote centralized control can meet the needs of computer program; now widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, gas equipment, nuclear power equipment, water treatment, air conditioning, iron and steel metallurgy, industrial furnace, tank equipment, brewing equipment, drying equipment, vacuum equipment, surface treatment, bio pharmaceutical, food machinery, textile, papermaking and other industries, the preferred product is construction of national defense construction, science and technology.

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