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                  Pneumatic two piece internal thread ball valve

                  Product model: Q611F/Y
                  Nominal diameter: DN10-DN100
                  Pressure rating: PN1.6-PN6.3MPa
                  Body material: 304, 316, 316L
                  Spool material: 304, 316, 316L
                  Seat material: PTFE, PPL
                  Connection: internal thread, welding type, clamp type
                  Connection standards: G, NPT, BSPT, BSP, DIN259/2999
                  Structure: floating ball core
                  Pneumatic actuator: double acting, single acting, normally closed, single acting, normally open


                  Fire protection design
                  The ISO5211 standard is installed directly with the executor
                  Antistatic device between ball core and valve body
                  Stem explosion proof design
                  A double rod packing line with the German TUV TA-LUFL stem leakage test
                  Butterfly shaped spring plate automatic compression packing design
                  Allowable pressure difference: less than nominal pressure 1.6Mpa
                  Leakage: zero leakage
                  Return difference: + 2.5%
                  Dead zone: Dead Zone

                  [pneumatic actuators]
                  Double acting: ventilation, ventilation, gas failure to maintain the current position
                  Single action: ventilation, breathe air to open, closed source fault
                  Single acting air to close off gas and ventilation: open source, open fault
                  Optional accessories: reversing solenoid valve, limit switch, air filter pressure reducing valve, electrical positioner, hand wheel mechanism, retaining valve, electrical part can be selected explosion-proof

                  [valve structure]

                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardG、NPT、BSPT、BSP、DIN259/2999
                  Top flangeISO5211
                  Pressure testISO5208 API598

                  [Valve features]

                  1, optional limit switch, air filter, relief valve, hand wheel mechanism, solenoid valve.
                  2, the Aluminum Alloy piston production of precision die casting process, ensure the symmetrical double piston precisely, and with the O ring and the guide valve of high quality, and the torque input pressure can be for the very high ratio of double track and piston design ensures a constant output torque.
                  3, piston guide belt with large contact area, self-lubricating design, high strength materials to ensure low friction, the normal service life of up to 1 million times!
                  4, body design, casting are used in Taiwan advanced technology, with a reasonable structure. To achieve bubble level seal, small opening and closing torque, long service life.
                  5, the valve body and valve with anti-static device, stem explosion-proof device design, can be applied to a variety of bad occasions selection. Beautiful appearance, reliable quality and so on.

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         The valve is an important executive mechanism of industrial automation control system, remote centralized control can meet the needs of computer program; now widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, gas equipment, nuclear power equipment, water treatment, air conditioning, iron and steel metallurgy, industrial furnace, tank equipment, brewing equipment, drying equipment, vacuum equipment, surface treatment, bio pharmaceutical, food machinery, textile, papermaking and other industries, the preferred product is construction of national defense construction, science and technology.

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