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                  Flexible butterfly valve

                  Product model: GSD341X/H/Y
                  Nominal diameter: DN50~2000mm
                  Nominal pressure: PN0.6~1.6MPa
                  Suitable temperature: ≤120℃
                  Main material: carbon steel, stainless steel and so on
                  Applicable medium: air, water, steam, gas, oil and so on


                  [Essential information]

                         Retractable butterfly valve is a dual-use products, set telescopic and flange butterfly valve in one. It can be in a certain range of axial expansion, is conducive to the pipeline expansion and contraction, eliminate the offset and the vibration of the pipeline in a certain range to overcome different axial pipe butt and produce, installation and convenient disassembly valve pipeline greatly, thus improving the economic benefit.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardGB/T2238-1989
                  Connection standardGB/T9113.1-2000;GB/T9115.1-2000;JB78
                  Structural lengthGB/T12221-1989
                  Pressure testGB/T13927-1992;JB/T9092-1999

                  [Valve features]

                  1, the design is novel, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, easy operation, quick opening and closing;
                  2, telescopic butterfly valve in addition to regulating and blocking the role of the temperature difference in the compensation pipeline generated by the expansion and contraction function, but also for installation, replacement, maintenance of the valve to provide convenience;
                  3, sealing parts can be adjusted, replacement, sealing performance, reliable and so on.

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         The telescopic butterfly valve is widely used in temperature are less than 80, nominal pressure is less than 1.6MPa of food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, electric power, textile, papermaking, water supply and drainage, gas pipes to regulate the flow and closure of the role of media.

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