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                  Clip type hard sealing butterfly valve

                  Product model: D373W/H
                  Nominal diameter: DN40~2000mm
                  Nominal pressure: PN0.6~4.0MPa
                  Applicable temperature: -29~425℃
                  Applicable medium: water, steam, oil and so on
                  Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel
                  Seat material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, tungsten carbide, nickel alloy, Meng Naier
                  Valve plate material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
                  Connection: to clip type
                  Drive: worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic


                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardGB/T12238-2008
                  Structural lengthGB/T12221-2005
                  Connection standardJB/T 79.1-1994
                  Pressure testGB/T13927-2008

                  [Valve features]

                  1, the valve adopts three eccentric sealing structure, the seat and butterfly plate almost no wear, with the view of the more tight sealing function.
                  2, the valve body is made of stainless steel, has the dual advantages of ametal sealandsealthe, both in low and high temperature conditions, both with excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistant, long service life etc..
                  3, butterfly plate sealing surface using cobalt carbide cladding, sealing surface wear resistance, long service life.
                  4, large formatdiscusinglatticestructure, high strength, large flow area, flow resistance is small.
                  5, the valve has two-way sealing function, installation is not restricted by the flow of media, nor affected by the location of the space, can be installed in any direction.
                  6, the drive device can be multi station (rotating 90 degrees or 180 degrees) installation, user-friendly.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Adaptive condition]
                         Now widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, gas equipment, nuclear power equipment, water treatment, air conditioning, iron and steel metallurgy, industrial furnace, canned equipment, brewing equipment, drying equipment, vacuum equipment, surface treatment, bio pharmaceutical, food machinery, textile, papermaking and other industries, is the preferred product construction the construction of national defense science and technology.

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