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                  Model Y slurry valve

                  Product model:JS545Y
                  Nominal pressure: Class150 ~ 2500 (PN10~PN420)
                  Nominal diameter: 1/2 ~ 24 (DN15~DN600)
                  Mode of operation: hand wheel, umbrella gear, electric, etc.
                  Applicable temperature: -196℃~+560℃


                  [Standard parameter]

                  Design standardASME B16.34(Class 150 Diameter reduction design)、BS1873
                  Structural lengthUser specified
                  Connection standardASME B16.5、GB/T9113
                  Inspection standardAPI 598

                  [Valve features]

                         Series of slurry valve is characterized in that the left and right body split, a two seat clamp valve between the valve body two, open bolt replaceable seat; the inner cavity of the valve body is provided with a protecting erosion resistant, corrosion resistant lining plate, the valve is opened, can protect the body from being medium erosion, corrosion, and the whole construction the surface treatment, the surface hardness of HRC60~62, excellent function with high wear and corrosion. The sealing surface of the valve seat and valve sealing are surfacing special carbide or tungsten carbide spraying, high hardness (more than HRC70), sealing between the spherical surface seal, the sealing surface for the contact line, to ensure the reliability of sealing and prevent scarring. The valve comes with an upper sealing structure that protects the filler when fully open. The valve is equipped with an anti rotation mechanism to ensure that the valve stem is only linear motion when it is open and closed, and the rotation motion is not performed. The driving modes of valve are manual, electric, pneumatic and gear drive. The valve is mainly used in metallurgical industry.

                  [Valve structure drawing]

                  [Adaptive condition]
                        Widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyestuff and processing industries. Various modes of operation, such as manual, pneumatic (spring reset, double acting, hand wheel and no hand wheel), electric, hydraulic, gear, etc..

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